Dec 28

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10 Wardrobe Musts For Your Next Interview

Dress the part

What’s worth splurging to buy when it comes to clothing and accessories for an interview? Fashion experts and business leaders chime in with tips on what job seekers need in their closets.

A suit that fits

A business suit is a job-seeker staple. But it has to fit well. “You can have the nicest suit in the world but, if it doesn’t fit properly, it won’t matter,” says Rachel Dotson, content manager of ZipRecruiter.com.

Jewelry or accessories

Simple, classy, age-appropriate accessories add pizzazz to conservative interview attire. At the very least, you should sport a wristwatch.

A black pencil skirt

For female job seekers, the black pencil skirt “is not only classic and flattering,” but also “very versatile and cost-effective,” says Kayleigh Irby, vice president of business development at SoulShine Communications.

A leather portfolio

With a leather (or leather-esque) portfolio, you have a professional-looking case to carry resume copies plus a pad and pen for taking notes

The work-appropriate little black dress

Like the pencil skirt, a classic black dress is both versatile and cost-effective. Shoot for a length and neckline that’s appropriate in the workplace.

A non-black suit

It’s good to have a spare option for when your basic black suit is at the cleaners. David Elkus, president of eTuxedo.com, recommends purchasing a navy or charcoal suit as well.

Polished shoes

Make sure to buff any scuffs. Cheryl Lampard, founder and CEO of Style Matters International, also suggests “Closed-toe shoes that you can walk in. Ensure the heel tips are not worn down.”

A crisp dress shirt

You can complement a lot of items with a button-down dress shirt in a neutral color. Always make sure to iron the shirt well.

A manicure

Ban bitten nails with chipped polish. Ladies should trim their nails to just past their fingertips, and paint them either a neutral or dark color.

Optional: Tie and pantyhose

These more conservative items aren’t the norm in every workplace, so consider where you’re interviewing before donning either accessory.


By Lindsay Olson of money.usnews.com

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