About Me

I was born in Shiraz  at 31 Dec of 1977 in an urban middle class and cultural family.

I have finished primary and secondary education in Shiraz and I got my  pre-university diploma at physics and mathematics from Shahid Sherafatiyan  high school.

I was studying economics at Shiraz University in 1998 and after graduation in Bsc degree  I continued my education in economics at Shiraz University.

From 2002 I was working at management and planning organization of Fars province as an expert of research and national accounts department and at the moment I am director of research and national accounts department of Fars governorship planning deputy statistic and information bureau.

From 2005 for 7 years I have experience in teaching courses related to economics in different universities and collages such as Shiraz University, Shiraz Azad University, Marvdasht Azad University, University of Applied Science and Bank Financial Institution of Iran central bank.

I have been involved in several research project as an research assistant and researcher.

I am interested in teaching and research in the field of economics and also, I like poetry, literature and performing arts and I have special interest in music.


My Awards and Honors:

Rank 1st among 50 B.Sc. Students of Theoretical Economics (2002).

Rank 3rd among 12 M.Sc. Students of Pure Economics (2005).

The Firs Student (First Rank) among all Students Admitted in Shiraz University Graduate

(Examination in the Field of Economics. (2005

Accepted in National Scholarship for Ph.D. Program (2007-2008)

The First Rank Director of Iranian Regional Accounts Departments (2011)

Achieving the Title of  Fars province Distinguished Researcher (2012)


Shiraz University   Pardis-e-Eram

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